How can i make someone sit at a desk - limelight


Is anyone willing to make me a template or tell me how to make a character sit at a desk in this background INT. CLASSROOM LA DESK - DAY . If so the main characters name is KATIE.

Thank you



You want them to be behind the desk?
Sort of like, sitting in the chair?


Yes that’s what i mean


Alright, so you’ll need an overlay of the desk…I can crop it out for you :slight_smile:
I’m sure you know how to add an overlay to your story, right?
If you don’t that’s okay, I can walk you through this.

Here is the Desk overlay!


There is already a desk overlay in the art catalog called DESK CLASS

Just add it to the background name, and place your characters. They will automatically appear behind the overlay by default. Just place your characters in the scene



This is my first episode story and have never used an overlay before… if its OK could you help me put the character behind the desk once we put the overlay in?


thank you that helped but my character seems to be walking through the desk?