How can i make the episodes longer?

i’m not sure if this is in the right category but i need tips on how to make my episodes longer. all 3 episodes are about 3 minutes long but i cant think of anything fun to add. when i do have some ideas they turn out more boring and unneeded than the story actually is


You could combine the chapters together, but then you would have to create new chapters that are longer. My chapters are around 5-8 mins since I write about 900 lines


thanks i’ll do that. everytime i make a new story i rush through it just so i can publish it

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Oof i wouldn’t recommend that. since you’re choosing more episodes than quality… I would read a story about 10 mins and have the author give its full interest in it. Even if I have to wait a month or two. Because then the author feels good and the readers feel satisfied.


when i’m done putting all 3 episodes together, could you read it and give feedback?

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Yep! Just PM me!

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A tip I have, remember to take time building each scene. Add details, grow characters, express opinions, add something in that wasn’t there before. This will help lengthen your episodes and may even lead to new ideas, just make sure not to drag each scene on for too long though or else it will become boring for the reader.


Original Scene

Sarah: I was talking to Kelsey the other day, She told me she got a new job at a coffee shop as a barista

Mandy: That’s really cool! Let’s go visit her!

Edited Scene

Sarah: I was talking to Kelsey the other day, she told me she got a new job at a coffee shop as a barista.

Mandy: The one down Roberts Street?

Sarah: Yeah that’s the one! I’m really proud of her, she has always wanted to be a barista!

Mandy: When did she start?

Sarah: She started 3 days ago, she’s new but apparently it’s going really well. Heard she’s got a knack for it.

Mandy: I have an idea! Let’s go visit her! I’m in desperate need for some caffeine any way.

Sarah: Sure!


hope this helps?


thank you so much

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Something I always do to extend the length is to add more choices. If you make the type of choices that give readers bonus scenes, it could add an extra couple of minutes


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