How can I make the screen blink

I’ve seen a topic like this before, and they said to make overlays and make both of them touch each other. But I wanna know how to make my own overlays. Usually, I just look up for example, Dog png. But if anyone has an overlay that makes the screen blink, could I see it. That would be much appreciated. :hugs:

Do you mean transitions?

By using transitions and making them happen very quickly, you can make the screen appear as if it’s blinking.

For example:

@transition fade (command) (color) in (time)

@transition fade in white in 0.05


Well, I know that transitions work and all. So, this is what’s happening in the scene. Your character is talking to their co-worker, but then your co-worker knocks you out. And I want you to wake up slowly, what do you think will have to be the coding for that?

you only really need one overlay for that. You just have to duplicate it in the writer’s portal. Just download a black background and edit it in another app to blur the edges so it looks natural. I can’t explain it. I would do it for you, but im pretty busy with my online classes atm :sweat_smile:


Oh okay, thanks. Good luck with you classes. :heart:

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You could use eye overlays.