How can i make two character's exit a scene but also allow the camera to follow them

Hi, I’m really confused on what to do I can’t seem to find the right code to do it. please help

I think there’s a command that automatically makes the camera follow them, but I’m not sure how to use it. this is what I do:

&pan to zone # in #
@CHAR walks to spot # ### ### in zone # in #

if you use &, it’ll happen at the same time as the code below.

sorry but i still don’t understand what does the # mean

You can use the follow command for one character and then just have the other character going to that zone at the same time.

&CHAR1 walks to position in zone 1
@follow CHAR2 to position in zone 1

Or if you are using spot direction, you’ll need to pan to zone 1 at the same time your characters walk/run to zone 1

&pan to zone 1 in T
&CHAR1 walks to spot % x y in zone 1 in T
@CHAR2 walks to spot % x y in zone 1 in T

Hope this helps

it didn’t work it’s saying ‘‘use the word’ in’ before specifying duration’’ . but I do use ‘in’ so i don’t know what’s wrong

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Screenshot ur script including error msg

You have to tell it where in zone 3 you want them to walk to, like screen left or one of the other positions.

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You have to follow this format and plug in your numbers.

If you are not familiar with spot direction, please take a look at this guide.

Otherwise, use this code instead and replace position with the position you want them to walk to go to. “position” is screen center, screen left, screen right, etc.

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You have not used spot positioning… You need to first copy the position u want to place the character… If you are not familiar with spot directing you can watch spot directing video’s in youtube… Check youtube vedio by joseph evans and other channels too… Spot directing is used very often in episode so it will help you alot.

it worked thank you
but now I have another question how do i make a character kill another character, and how can i make a character change the color of his hair

This is up to you on how you want to interpret it in your story. There are different animations you can use such as the stab animation or the gun shooting animation.

Use this code:

@CHARACTER changes hairColor into Color Name

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like the character is a vampire, so how can he kill the character do it

There are vampire biting animations.

I still don’t know how i’m going to do it, can you just help me write out the code please

It’s simple, you’re just making them do animations

@CHAR1 is biteneck_give_aggressive_rear and CHAR2 is biteneck_receive_terrified

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oooooooh, I was just confusing myself. thank you so much, I really appreciate your help

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