How can i move car?

so i need help i wanted to move car slowly to background so it looks like characters can get in car and move that car overlay and colsed the scene . Please if you know how to code that i would need your help thank you


Hey there, I guess I can help you.
You just have to make one overlay first of all then do
@OVERLAYNAME opacity 1 in 0
@OVERLAYNAME scales to (you need to spot direct it accordingly)
@OVERLAYNAME shifts to (the place where you want it to stop)

thank you for your help it means so much to me

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no probs!

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i have small problem because i use effect that is night time i was try to bring overlay but it does not work .

so i was try but it won’t show up on screen at all

Was your opacity of the overlay 100% or 1?

ned, 22. kol 2021. 15:09 Anush via Episode Forums <> je napisao:

Because you removed the overlay, that’s why it’s not showing up.
Remove “@overlay INT.BLACK CAR clear”

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but then when camer is moving is showing half of car before it spot on two characters ?

Do you mean you want your characters to be already in the scene before the camera pans to them? You need to code the characters’ placements before the pan.

yes i wanted may characters already in scene and then camera pans to them . then some time later
car to arrive at scene

You will need to spot the characters first before you make the camera pan to them. Then add the car overlay later in the scene instead of at the beginning.

okay that makes more sense i did forget before what means pan so now i know thank you for your kind help i will try it . :blush:

okay i will try that

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