How can I promote my story?

I’m literally asking the same thing but I am considering paying for fb ads, not sure how effective it’ll be.

I’m also kinda using my music to help as well, so pretty soon I will write a soundtrack to my story and sell it on iTunes and stuff.

Just try be creative, do something unique (easier said than done) but yeah. I’m always looking for stories while I wait for people who I already have to update their stories.

Good luck xx

try epy_helpers.small_authors

Thank you so much xx :slight_smile:

Thank you, I really appreciate it xx :slight_smile:

hi as I say I was not looking for this type od advertisement you probably have to google it…

some more info to theme of how to get mor reads:

Also just before you pay for promotion - I recomand to check first it it is OK with the episodes rules (via ticket to episode team) - thay do change them here and there so better safe than sorry. :slight_smile:

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I probably won’t do payed promotion but I’ll do the other stuff you say, thank you so much xx :slight_smile:

I definitely recommend read for reads. Thats how ive gotten most of my reads, and even made some good friends on episode because of it. :grin:

I’m doing read for reads, but they’re not loyal readers if you get me :slight_smile: xx

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you are welcome. :slight_smile:
Also what comes in my mind

nice cover and good story description also might help …if your story is visible on the app…unfortunatelly after the guidelines change episode (hopefully no permanently) started to show only the top 1000/100 overall/genre stories so if oyu rank below common user of the app will not actually see it (nut sure if it is still so but was not so fahr ago)

And ordinery user of the app decides first based on the cover and second by the description…

Some authors (seems to me aspecially kids) do have …how to say it… “not good” art really looking like small kid did it and it will most likely not atract readers.

Most sucesfull stories have great covers but oyu usually have to pay for the art. If you do not nave friend who can make digital drawing and dont want to pay you still can make pretty decent covers just using the cutted characters - lot of people will do this for you for free (look in to the art section) or you can try by yourself

I did my cover myself using his hints…but honestl I cant say if it is aluring or not for readers. :smiley:
Also the description is important…

For me this was a nightmare - as you see I am tolkative. :D…so write short yet telling a lot description was really not easy for me. :smiley:
Ah and also do not forget in portal in the story description use the tags…sometimes people do look for stories not knowing exact name like thay want to read vampire story so thay write in app vampire .if oyur story doesnt have vampire in name and you have no tags it will not show your story in his search.but if you ad tag “vampire” it might apeare in his search.

I’ve made my friend do the cover as she’s talented af and you’ve been very helpful also what kind of tags does it attract the reader most?

lol I dont hve made research so I don’t know. I can just guess… the most famouse stories are about love so words like love romance bad boy atc can’t be wrong…

but if your story is not at all about it the reader will probalby not read it anyway. like lot readers love mafia storieas…but if your story doesn’t have mafia at all in it I am not sure such tag will help you…but who knows honestly. :slight_smile:

Try to think in his way - what is my story about and the type or reader who likes this kind of story might like also… and here you have your tags.

Foe example my story is about fallen angels - I a have “angel” as tag but this is no very common theme on episode and I think not many readers look for story about angels… but I think people liking vampire stories might like mine too even there are no vampires …so one of my tags is “vampire”

So you can use similar way of thinking to choice your tags…

so I personally would keep it at last bit related to your theme.

Well I doubt I’ll get good reads like you but thank you for your help :slight_smile: xx

hay do not underestimate yourself - remember every first time author was on the begining on the exact place as you are - me too. And having mine first 100 took ages and geting 1000 in that time seemd unreacheable and being honest that was the maximum I was hoping for in that time. So at the point where you are now you can’t objectivly tell what will happen.

That you now do not have many reads doesn’t mean that in one year you will not have double as me. :wink:

Thank you so much for your kind words I really appreciate it, only time will tell. :slight_smile: xx

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Do you mean continuing to story, or not fulfilling the r4r? Lol

I mean like when I do read for reads they only agree to do certain chapters and for eg when I update the next episode they won’t read it so I need loyal readers xx

I think the best way is being active on an Episode Instagram. I was able to get a lot of reads like that without being on the forums at all. :slight_smile:

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I am active on insta but people just like my posts and don’t even bother reading my story but thank you xx