How can I put my story for review?

Hi, well I think every author on Episode is interested in putting their story for review in Episode. We would all like for our stories to be reviewed and to be put in some thread when Episode release it?
How can we do that?

You mean to get a new story reviewed so it shows up in trending?

You used to be able to submit a support request to get your story reviewed, but I believe they’re not doing this any more due to the high volume of reviews they need to get through.
(You can probably still submit a request, but that was the response I got a couple months back.)
Your best bet is to update frequently and hope it trends high enough in its genre.

I thought episode posted somewhere that they dont have to be reviewed to show up in trending anymore, and they will just review them as they starting breaking the top 100? I could be wrong though.

Well, that’s what I meant by hoping it trends high enough. I recently published a story, it hit 100 in its genre and then got reviewed. It didn’t show up until after that (and its genre ranking stuck at 101 until reviewed even though I knew it was technically lower than that). But I don’t think a story that doesn’t crack the top 100 (of any genre) will get reviewed?

Edit: I believe you can still show up in the overall trending (I’m not sure how many stories are allowed in that now) without being reviewed, but can’t crack the top 100 total trending (or genre trending) until you’re reviewed.

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Oh I see. Makes sense.