How can I raise the volume of a sound or music?

So I added in a school bell for the end of a class, how do I raise the volume a bit so the reader can hear it?

So like this?
sound 50-100

If you want the volume to be 50 in 1 second, it’s 50 1000

Okay. I’ll try it.
sound 50 1000
With the “sound” in first?

You put volume music 50 1000, then you place the sound effect after or before based on preference

Okay. Thank you.

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Umm, it’s still quiet…I put:
volume music 100 1000
…and it was still too quiet.

Not sure about that, I believe 100 is the highest you can go

Hmm. :confused:

maybe your phone or computer is the one with low volume

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Oops. Yeah that was the problem…lol!


I have:
volume music 50 1000

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