How can i remember a choice in a previous episode?

Hey guys so I am currently on episode one and I was trying to figure out how can i remember a choice that was made on episode one onto episode two. So readers won’t have any difficulties. Yes I’ve tried Dara’s template on remembering choices but I’m still a little confused


U can watch Joseph Evan’s videos about that. There are 2 methods, and they are rlly easy, just difficult to explain. However, he explains it very well

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Okay I’ll look into those.


Whenever you make a choice that will matter, you put “gain” Then a condition. Like this:

choice “option1” {
gain 1stoption
} “option2” {
gain 2ndoption

if (1stoption) {
@CHARACTER is idle_happy
} elif(2ndoption) {
@CHARACTER is idle_armscrossed_angry_loop


in this example, option1 makes the character happy, in option2 it makes them angry. It can be whatever you want, though.
So when the player makes that choice, they gain the condition. The conditions are, 1stoption and 2ndoption, but you can name them whatever you like. Then, when it comes later in the story, you put if in the parenthesis next to if and elif

And something extra I do is I make a google doc as a “guide” so that I can remember.
For example:
“if reader chooses option1, they gain 1stoption”
That way when the choice comes into the story again, I dont have to find where I originally scripted it… If that makes sense


Yes this one works for me :heart:

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does it work for later episodes to or?

for some reason it said this

After you type “gain” you need to type a condition. A condition is just something to remember the choice. So you could type
Gain listen

So when you use that choice later on, you would use
if (listen) {


yeah i did, and it said something about an error

Oh, you need to move the readerMessage above the dialogue so the choice is right below it

It should look like this:

readerMessage [bold] the choice you pick will affect you later on in the next two episodes.
(Should I see what’s going on?)
choice "listen: {


You get the idea :slight_smile:

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i do but now it says this

Instead of using “else”, try typing “elif”

Else and elif can be used with conditions. Else cannot. It’s like if you have three choices it would be:

if (condition) {
} elif (condition) {
} else {