How can I remember choices throughout an entire story?

For a bit of context, I gave the reader the choice to either be a vet or a social worker in my story.
I want this choice to be remembered throughout the story, and I actually tried to do this using the if method but for whatever reason it simply skips over what i have already coded.
Anyone think they can help me out?
My script as of right now:

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Did you use gains?

in the last chapter, yes

This is likely happening because you’re trying to test a gain across chapters without the gain being added in that chapter (since it was in a previous chapter), which can’t be done on the web previewer. There are two solutions:

  1. Use the app previewer. Step 1, select the choice with the gain. Step 2, go to the next episode with the if/else coding and test if it works.


  1. Use the web previewer and use the flags tool under story modifiers. Step 1, click preview on the portal on a scene before the scene with the if/else coding. Step 2, click story modifiers then flags. Step 3, click on the flag vet/social_worker (it should turn gold). Go to the scene where the if/else coding is and test if it works. Test them one at a time to make sure both work.

yup! It worked! Will it work for other users, though?

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Yes, it’ll work fine. The only reason you experienced this was because you were testing it across different chapters via the portal. The app doesn’t allow you to ungain a flag once it’s gained, so you have nothing to worry about with your readers.



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