How Can I Replay A Story?

I don’t even know why it isn’t showing up on the app. I’m still using android. Only I see is “remove story permanently from the app”. When are we going to have options to replay a story and have fanmail back for android users? :thinking: I think only IPhone users have this.

@Sydney_H also, im not sure if its in the right category.

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You can still replay a story on android even if we can’t send fanmail.

You’ll also see three dots in lower right corner and a home button in upper left corner (which you use to exit out of story). Click on dots in lower corner. These icons appear if you paused on scene for some time.

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Moved to Episode Fan Community since this doesn’t appear to be a feature request. :smiley:

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Ohh, so it doesn’t appear when u enter the app then click on the story then the 3 dots, but it does appear when your reading the story. Oh wow. Lol. Thanks @JemU776!