How can I see what readers choose?

Is there a way for me to keep up with what choices the readers of my story make? It’s not really detrimental that I know what they pick. I was just kind of curious to know if there was some way that I could.

This is Dara’s guide for that. ^

For gem choices though (if you use them or plan to), you should be able to see the stats on your dashboard if you followed the correct syntax:

You can see what your readers chosen, but that’s not what Dara’s guide is about!

When you’re in portal, there’s a guide how to name your choices! Don’t just give them random names. Names have to be specific!

And then when your story reaches certain number of reads (I think 100), you can get a detailed report of gems spent, choices selected, reads by day etc - story metrics dashboard, described in a link sent above.

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NO you cant see what each reader has chosen. We don’t have access to such statistics (unless it is a gem choice and you have unlocked the dashboard - then you get some info about how many gešms ware spend on that choice - so from it you can count how many readers have chosen it …in theory)

BUT you can let the app remember and based on remembered choices you can alternate the story. But if I understand this is not what you are asking for.

The dashboard opens at 400 reads if I remember right.
And you do not see normal choices there (at last I don’t see it there) you just have somewhat data about GEM choices.

The stats for gems looks like this:

But there is no stats for normal choices.

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I wish this was a thing too, but sadly there’s no way to see what our readers pick (yet :crossed_fingers:). You can support this thread suggesting it if you want!


Sorry for the late reply, guys! Thank y’all so much for the input! I’ll definitely make it a suggestion. I don’t know if I really want to get into using GEMs yet. It might benefit me or it might not. I’ll have to do a little more reading on it.

But yeah–I definitely think I’m going to be making the suggestion! I’d like to see which choices the readers pick the most. Only because I’d like to see which direction they take with my story since the way I’m writing it, every choice has some kind of effect to it. Whether it be big or small.


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