How can i select multiple words at once?

I created a character customization template for one of my character, ADELE, and i want to use it for another character, JO. It’s really long to select each “@ ADELE” and replace it by “@JO” and i would like to know a way to select all the “@ ADELE” at once and replace it by “@JO”.
I know the “Ctrl” button tip, but it still make me have to select each “@ ADELE”, even tho i write “@JO” just once. So, do you have another tip ?

Here’s a screenshot of what it looks like :

You can use this website.

Hey bibz,
You basically hot-select @ADELE (when you copy something it becomes blue)
When you have this blue effect on @ADELE press ctrl+f twice.
A box will pop up asking what word you want ADELE to be replaced with.
Type in @JO
Then select change all.
All the @ADELE’S will now be replaced with @JO.
Please keep in mind that you change every @ADELE with @JO, so I would suggest searching up Dara.amarie on internet.
She has amazing new customization templates.

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Thanks !

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Oh that was exactly what i was looking for, thank you soo much.


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