How can I show in my new chapter what happened in the last one?



Here I’m again!? :sweat:
And a brought a few questions with me.

How can I give my readers a recap from my last chapter every chapter. I wanted to do that with the choice if they want to see it or not?

How can i make my own cover with the characters of my story?

Thank you already!


I think that an option is copy and paste the script from your past Episode to let them see the past. And about the cover I have no idea. I hope I helped you


Hey!!! You can learn to make you own cover by going to my Thread on How-To make a cover on Pixlr!! Check it out!!


Make a choice at the beginning of the chapter. Take little parts from your last chapter and just put them inside the option for a recap.

Would you like a recap of the last episode?

"Yes!" {

[recap here]

} "No" {


Thank you both!


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Glad this got resolved! Closing :v:t2: