How can I support authors?

Hey. I’ve been wondering which ways I can support my favorite authors other than by simply reading and making edits. Are there any other ways someone can suggest?


Nah, jkjk…


But fr, fan mail is actually so motivating so I’d say that’s something easy you can do to help, if the author actually reads their fan mail anyways.


fan mail. share it.

and recomand it. I personally really love it when I see someone recomand others my story.

Send them a fanmail as the others said. Sometimes they ask you at the end of chapter if you want to support them by ‘donating’ gems. Promote them and support them through thick and thin. Unless they become problematic.


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Fanmail or sending them nice messages on IG! :love_letter: Small authors especially like knowing you liked x or were interested in y and how excited you are about the story.