How can I unpublish my story



I want to unpublished my story for a little bit, how can I do it?


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You cant just put don’t read yet on it!


Once it’s published, you can’t take it down yourself.
You could try sending in a support ticket and asking Episode to temporarily take it off the app. I have no clue if it would work, but it’s worth a shot.


Or revamp it and make it go to goto before reading it


Okay, thank you.


Thank you


Thank you.


You’re welcome.


Hey, you can hide your story on the app so it doesn’t show up on your profile-lock it with a password and use a label and a goto to loop the episode so that it replays : )
Plus, turn the fanmail off!
(If you want to continue your story later, you could always write ON HOLD next to your story title and perhaps write in your bio on your Episode profile that you are taking a break)

Sadly, we can’t delete/unpublish stories but you can show your support here for the feature:


Thank you so much.