How can I unsend a fanmail?

A few months ago I supported one author that was exposed for doing racist things. I won’t mention names because I don’t want more drama. She was nice before. After she was exposed she started to act differently. I was like “Is that her? She would never do it.” and we interacted a lot. I used to support her. I sent her so nice fanmails and now I regret it. Because of people like her I have trust issues :confused:


I don’t think this is possible :sweat_smile:


its in the past. you cant remove them, and doing so wont change anything anyway


You can’t unfortunately.

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Hate when people do that. You think they’re different but they slap you in the face. Just stop reading her stories x


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Can you tell me the name of her stories? or what racist things she said?

Dm me because I don’t want others to cause hate or harm to her in here.

Me as well, if you don’t mind. I’d like to know if I’m inadvertently supporting this as well.

^^ yes please let us know, even if privately I wouldn’t wanna support them