How can I update my story without publishing my other chapters?



I just published my first story, “Addison,” (here’s the link, if you want to check it out: and I went back in my story, to fix some grammatical mistakes, I’ve made. I would like to update my published chapters, without publishing the episode I am currently writing. How can I update my first three episodes, without publishing my unfinished fourth episode? Does anybody know, if it’s possible?

Thanks for the help
-Gabbie :smiley:


When you click on the Publish button, there is an option to publish how many chapters you want that says “# of Episodes to Publish


My publish button says, “update” right now. Does it still work the same?




Okay, thank you so much, for all your help! :grinning:



Solved and closed :mage::eight_pointed_black_star::star2::star: