How Can I use swear words in my story?


I see tons of episode users get past the censor, I’m about to be 17 on the 23rd of this month. Lol sorry if this is a dumb question


From what I understand you can use some, just don’t do it where it’s like every other word. Use them in moderation if you are going to use them. I have also heard that the F-word can only be used up to 5 times per chapter.


Ah okay thank you so much!


I’d imagine the F bomb could only be dropped once per story, but I know nothing about the official rules. I just know when it comes to movie ratings, more then one makes the movie rated R. Or it used to. And that’s kind of the rating they want to avoid.

As a basic guide, I would use PG or PG-13 films, if you’re in the US. I’m not sure about other rating systems. Swearing now and then seems to be safe, but keep it to like, a three-word-per-episode maximum is what I plan to do. The safest bet is to censor all but the words you need to have the most impact.

Really, you probably need a staff member opinion on this, so I don’t know why I’m posting but I hope I’m close to the guidelines.


Ah no thanks so much! I really enjoy the feedback! ^^


I read The Last Goodbye by Joseph Evans (this is a FEATURED story) and he gave a choice to read with or without cursing, and I chose with. If I remember, he used the F bomb quite frequently, but not like 10 times per episode. I think just don’t make it a part of the character’s common language, and swearing shouldn’t be a problem in the long run.


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