How can I zoom on the character's face and then while zooming the background changes?

I want to zoom on the MC’s face while he is sleeping and then the background changes to different colours and then show his childhood while zooming out.
Is it even possible?
I think I asked for too much…

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I can explain it but I think it’s better you go to @Dara.Amarie


She hasn’t replied yet…please give a brief explanation.

No she has threads of it

You’d have to use overlays for the background change. So the background that you want the scene to change into needs to be turned into a PNG image and then uploaded as an overlay.

The overlay needs to have an opacity at 0 in the beginning of the scene (this makes it invisible): @overlay OVERLAYNAME opacity 0 in 0

Then when you’re zooming in on your character, change the overlay’s opacity to 1 in however many seconds you want. This will make the background overlay basically fade in.

To fade in the overlay at the same time as you’re zooming in, you will need to use the & sign

&overlay OVERLAY opacity 1 in [time]
@zoom on [spot] to % in [time]


Thank you!!