How can make the background move under the overlay

Those are special backgrounds. The background has _loop after it. Only those move.

If you want to use those for driving scene you just have to place the car. Don’t have to move it.

Yes my background my loop with it …

Sorry I don’t understand. What do you need help with? Making your own loop background?

I made the looping background and I need help with “How can I loop the background” but with an overlay on it ?

Do you mean like this? the background is moving in this scene

If this is what you mean, you use the loop background with a car or car seat overlay attached.

Do you have this overlay, I’ve been looking everywhere for something like this!

These ones (there are 2, the seats and the centre console) are ones I’ve made myself. I no longer share the overlays I’ve made due to them being sent to others without my knowledge :frowning: Sorry.

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Check natalia epi linktree out

The background js moving but the overlay aren’t

If you want the background to move you use the loop backgrounds.

If you want the overlay to move, you need to animate the overlay. Dara has a thread on the forums that explains animating overlays.


They loop automatically, you don’t do anything to make them loop.

Some of the backgrounds with loop in their name do not loop and haven’t for a long time - the street with shops on and one of the forest ones are 2 backgrounds that do not loop.


No. Only Episodes own looping backgrounds loop.

If you want a background uploaded by you to loop, you would need to upload it as an overlay and animate it to make it appear that your background is looping. That is the only way to loop a custom background.

Can you give me the script example for it ? :frowning:

I don’t have one as I’ve never gone through the effort of doing it (yet).
I can probably write one for you in an hour, I’m on my phone so I’m not able too until then, if you can wait :woman_shrugging:

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Hope it helps. :slight_smile:


I can wait :heartbeat: