How can my character get caught without evidence?

Thank I’m struggling of a way to make my character be charged for something they did a long time ago. There is no evidence of the crime as the victim doesn’t come forward until it may be relevant to a present crime (if that makes sense)

It turns out that they aren’t involved with the present case but they did commit the first crime years ago.

I’m not sure how I can make them prove the suspect is guilty without any evidence. I’ve had a couple ideas which have just popped into my head while currently writing this but maybe you guy could think of something better.

  1. The suspect goes after the victim due to them speaking out about what they did and admits to the victim what they did eg “yes I did but you can’t prove anything!”
    but get caught by the detective but the problem is the victim and detective work together and are friends (they both work in law) so to a court they could think they are working together to get the suspect in trouble.

  2. The suspect goes after the victim and while they admit what they did the try to commit the same crime again but get caught by the detective and it’s on security tape.
    (I don’t want anyone who has experienced the crime to think of it as something that could actually happen and put them of reporting this type of crime out of fear that they will come after them)

What do you guys think and could you suggest anything else?

The only other thing I can think of is to have them get caught out by telling little lies- like inconsistencies in their story of events that make the reader think “hey that doesn’t add up”. But this depends on the crime and nature of your story :grimacing:


Hey Amberose :smiley: I really like that idea the only problem I may have is I don’t want what the suspect did to take over the main story. It’s sort of a little back story that happened to one of the characters

Ohhh yes, I see what you mean…

Thank you anyway :wink: Xx

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Good luck. If I have any other sudden ideas I will let you know

Thank you Xxx

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