How can we add overlays that aren’t in the overlays shelf?

Hey! I have a problem, I would like to add an overlay that isn’t in the overlays shelf, so i would like to create my own one.

Does anyone know how to do that or if it is possible?

Thankss :kissing_heart:


You can add your own overlays by clicking on the overlays tab in the art catalog.

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There are plenty of already made overlay’s out there that you can “borrow”, just be sure to credit its creator and most are willing to let you use it for free.

If you still want to make your own you’re going to need some kind of creative program. I use photoshop myself, but it’s not a free softwear.
You can try Gimpshop. I’ve heard it’s similar to PS, but I’ve never tried it myself. Best is though that it’s free. So - if you only need a program for “hobby use” - you don’t need to pay thousands for it.
There are also plently of tutorials on youtube and such for how to work the program.

Good luck. If you have any more questions feel free to PM me.



Wow Thankss!! :yellow_heart:

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Get an answer to your question? :slight_smile: