How can we change the direction of an overlay?

I want to change the direction of the car facing left (currently facing right), how can I do that? Can anyone help pls :slight_smile:

You’ll have to flip the overlay and then upload the flipped one.
I can flip the overlay if you want just send me the picture of the overlay.

thank you so much…here is the image…

When you scale it, change one of the numbers to a negative.
Eg: @overlay CAR scales to 1.000 -1.000

You don’t need to re-upload anything

Here it is !!

You can try that but it didn’t work for my car.
But I hope it works for you.

Oh thank you…leme try :slight_smile:

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thank you again…yes i will see if that works :smiley:

Hetes more info on how to flip overlays.


thanks @Dara.Amarie …so much clear now :slight_smile:

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