How Can We Fix The Mess That Is The Trending Section?

I don’t think we can fix it :unamused:… if we tried maybe we can, would also be down to fix that trending section lol! But I’m pretty sure other people will still keep it trending. And honestly what’s with the covers going on in the Romance section they’re very inappropriate!


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Interesting topic. I am from europe and we here do not see sex mostly as suh a drastic tabu as for example USA -I mean it is just a picture and nobody is naked. I personaly see more alarming the thrend of mafia stories celebrting criminals as “the best possible partner” giving really bad example to children…oh he just shot a guy lets merry him…gross.
Teenage age is age when peple discover sexuality and no matter if you like it or not It is pretty sure that lot of the kids want to read stories where is is al last a bit about sex…it is stil safer here on episode than if thay do wahtch porn.
And also question is if majority of readers is actually under 17/18… maybe making sections like MOMENTS did might help - monents realised that sex sels so far thay they have actually erotic stories (wery expilicit) - so seeing this trend and the fact that sex sels I do not think Episode will change this.

But you are always free to report story if you think it is not within the guidelines.

That’s not the point. The point is these covers are way too sexual to be on a kids app. And it’s tiring to see the same type of cover floating around in the trending section.


That it is for you tiring I understand- but …it evidently sels and that is the reason authors do it in most cases I think…having a couple making out on cover will get more people to click on it than a picture of a garden…even inside is the same story…you might not like it you might figth it but that is how peoples mind works…believe me if garden would make more clickls you would see all of flower beds in trending stories.

You know I in general do not like to tell people what thay should or should not do. Because it it just a way how to put other people in my mindset and my world and my way of living…yeah but when I was younger I tend to believe I know best what is good for others. But geting older I (often painfully) realised that my moral or my inner rules is something I do not have any right to requiere on others.
Who am I to tell other writer what cower thay can or cannot have? So to say. I realized there is actually a lot of my own arogance behind what I represented as higher level of morality. So I am not doing this any more (well at last I try to, I am still human and still hoplesly imperfect)

But this was a general thought … back to the episode topic - I see it like this - The judge here is the episode itself - and if thay approve it - from what title I am a bigger judge then them who made the rules?


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@Sydney_H can you close this? :smiley:


Closed by OP request. :smiley: