How can we improve our community?


Why do we always attack each other? Why slander someone’s story? Just why?

Community is messed up, not everyone but some people are. How can we fix this? Anyway to be drama-free and no bully zone?


I hate to say this, but sometimes the best way is to just not say anything. I usually avoid topics knowing that if I say anything, it will cause a flame-war or be taken in the wrong way.

So solve bulling, I guess a good way is to drop the conversation, if its seen going in the wrong way. For example, in one of my Let’s Talk About - Threads, I had to say ‘stop replying to each other, don’t even reply to this’. I know sometimes there’s a strong push to ‘put the last word in’ or even to win the argument but really . . . is that necessary. There’s so many times inwhich I have typed a reply, and deleted it before sending.

I’d also like to mention in this long ramble, that if you don’t want to take a conversation into PM it means you are intentionally starting (or flaming) a flame - war. You either want others to join in and either agree with you, to obverse what the other party is talking about, or something else. If you cannot move a conversation to PM, why are you talking in the first place?



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