How can you add a gif on episode?


hey! so i’ve watched a lot of writters adding gifs on their stories and i was wondering if anyone could tell me how to do it. thank you! <3


You can’t add GIF, but you can use different versions of the same background or overlay and put short pauses between them.


Like @Apes Said, You Can Use Different Background Versions From The Gif. I’ve Tried Doing This Before, But Using A GIF Splitter Makes Too Many Frames/Backgrounds For Every Second. This Probably Isn’t The Most Efficient Way To Do It Because It’ll Probably Come Out With 50 Frames For You To Add As Backgrounds. Trying To Downsize On The Amount Of Frames Is Tricky Too. Hopefully Episode Adds This Feature In The Future :grinning::laughing: .


I recommend this video :slight_smile: