How can you animate a screen (TV, phone, computer)?

I’ve read a lot of stories where people show the news on their tv and they are actually moving. I’m trying to do something similar but I’m not sure how. can somebody please help?

You’d need an overlay of a tv screen (with the screen part being empty) so you can place the characters behind it. If you’re referring to the people who have banners with words that move in a loop, you’ll need an overlay of that item and use the looping code.
&overlay BANNER shifts to x x in T then overlay BANNER shifts to x x in T loop INFINITE times
T = number of seconds

ohh, i see, thank you so much! do you know how they add another background though? is it maybe another overlay?

You could make a smaller overlay depending on the kind of background you want them on, OR you could just use one of episodes backgrounds. You’d just have to make sure that the actual background is on the lowest layer (0), the people are in the middle, and the tv/phone etc is highest.
You’re welcome :blush:

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