How can you come up with really good cliffhangers?

I think I have a good storyline and I know what will happen in most of my episodes (etc.)

However, I am not really good at creating cliffhangers.

My story that I am creating is basically about twins that are werewolves but don’t know it yet until they are 16 years old. They dress like nerds to hide the prevent people from finding out when the time comes but they don’t know why they have to dress that way. They find out that they are wolves because they growl (etc.) but their mum did not tell them cus she wanted them to have a normal life(etc.)… And they end up looking snatched and that… And actually, end up liking being a wolf. They got bullied by populars and ending up using their powers against them. (etc)


If I want to end the episode with them finding out how do you think it should go?

If I want them to get mad at their parents because they eavesdropped how do you think it should go?

If I want the episode to end with them having a dream about being a werewolf how do you think it should go?

Thank you in advance!
Really appreciate it.

My name’s Sarah so you can call me that or Saz.


Perhaps have the mother talking to somebody about it? And she could say something like ‘they can’t find out yet’ and then cut to another zone and have the twins in a shocked pose or angry pose and have the episode end there :woman_shrugging:t2:

Thank you x

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