How can you get a character to make a funny face without letting the readers see

Like ive seen authors make the character do the face straight away. ive tried everything but nothing seems to work


like when you make them scream, the face after that but i dont want to readers to see them do the screaming animation just the face

Usually I use a DUP of that character to do so out of the screen then I spot it right where the other is a layer above

Or you can zoom in another character hiding the one you want to show just the final part while it us doing the animation

a dup? so basically an overlay?

I usually have two characters of the same character. What I mean is looking exactly the same

but how would that work? sorry im like super dumb

Np I sending you a screenshot

tysm!! ive sorta got it (the look) but not exactly cause you can still see them screaming but ill try your idea

can you make your own post and ppl will comment :slight_smile:

well i tried to write a story with you but i didnt wanna give out my email and pass and u said no so pls get off my post

If you look at them they have different names but look the same

You to put the one screaming in another zone
For example you spot the dup in zone 1 doing the animation when your character is at zone 2 then you spot the dup at zone 2

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Try taking a look at this! (:

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Thank you!!

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thank you!

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I’ll send you a shot of my screen in pm

My account got hacked earlier and so I had t change all of my password s some sorry about that