How can you get this eye color?


Okay so I’m reading this story ‘Sorority Stalker’ by Carter (really good btw) and in his story, he uses the character avatar option for customization. It gives the option for this light blue eye color for the males. I really like it and I want to know how I can get it too. Anyone know?


It must be an overlay


I know what an overlay is but what do you mean?


I man the author made an overlay of the eyes and covered the real eyes with that


Okay, thanks!


I doubt that’s overlay. Can you tell me, is story written in ink or limelight?


It’s limelight, I checked on the app and the eye color is available for your profile char but not for stories.


Might be white :thinking:


It’s this one, this is on my profile avatar, and the circled one is the one I’m talking about. Lol sorry if I’m wasting your time



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