How can you know who followed you on episode app?

So something wired happen to me i was not so much pay attention on my episode account in episode app and i notice i was not log in
Now what i am about to say shocked me .
When i notice that one person who i was follow it was look like i was not follow her . my question is how can you see if someone stop following you. Or is it a bug in episode that male it look like that .
How can you see who is following you back on episode ? ~kindly ask for help
~thank you
And i forgot take please screenshot so i can see difference of who follow you and who don’t follow you

You actually can’t see. When someone follows you there will be a blue dot when you tap followers. When they unfollow you it goes away, and when you follow someone the blue dot on their page appears. When you unfollow someone nobody will know. But I don’t like the people that follow 10 people and unfollow everyone who supports them when they get like 1k followers. It’s rude in a way. Because you just want the followers, not the support, but anyways, yea! You can’t see if they unfollow you.

I also forgot to add, once you tap on a profile with a blue dot the blue dot goes away because you know they are following you.

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I don’t know but Dot does not appear if you follow someone it shows up Green that you’re following and I guess that’s it in there is like a followers and who are you following so I think followers are people who following you and following is because who you follow on episode account I don’t talk about Instagram Blue Dot I talking about episode app and as you said you can see who wasn’t follow your so nobody will be able to get in there or some point it’s like that is there free will if they want to follow you do realise if not bad but what’s weird is you following that person and that person out of the blue and follow you for no reason that is weird but I think it was a glitch in my phone because it says that person is following me so so I don’t know what that is . Do you think that might be a glitch ?

This green means they following you right ?

Yes, I think it may be a glitch then. When someone is following you, the colour should be green! You never see when anybody unfollows you, but if you have gained more followers and you see a blue dot then there is no glitch, if you know you have gotten new followers and you see no blue dot, there is a glitch!

Yes there was no blue dot so that means that it was glitch it was shown that I wasn’t following her or i thought that she wasn’t followed me and it wasn’t green anymore but I guess it was glitch i was click again on profil and again it was green . :blush: i was stress so much :sweat_smile:

pet, 4. velj 2022. 23:55 Mina Rose via Episode Forums <> je napisao:

That’s alr lol

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thanks can you just show me that blue dot that you was mention before

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I’ll show you later I’m not on my phone right now. How about, I’ll show you when I get a new follower? I already looked at everyone’s profile who followed me lol.

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Hey I made a mistake it’s actually a pink dot

oh okay

uto, 8. velj 2022. 15:19 Mina Rose via Episode Forums <> je napisao:

To me it does not show
Pink or blue is that normal ?

uto, 8. velj 2022. 18:14 rafaela ajdarpasic <> je napisao:

green means they follow you right ?

uto, 8. velj 2022. 18:16 rafaela ajdarpasic <> je napisao:


most times you should be able to see pink and green actually

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okay :blush:

uto, 8. velj 2022. 19:53 Mina Rose via Episode Forums <> je napisao: