How can you promote a story to get to more people?

Hey, everyone! I saw lots of stories with a great success and I still can’t figure out how did they arrive to a great level. Each story is original and I haven’t found something similar. Maybe you can give me some advice (if you want) and let’s help each other. Can’t wait to meet new kind people😊.


Many diffrent reasons people get popular

1 time, they written many stories been here forever.
2. they where lucky and got on the weekly shelf.
3 r4r. a lot of it
4 promotion. here on insta and other places.
5. luck I seen garbage stories get plenty of attention, and amazing stories get non. sometimes people are just lucky.


Thank you! :blush:

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You can promote your story using your Instagram. If you have any Instagram strictly for Episode, you can do a lot of promoting. You can also promote your story by filling out story review and shoutout requests from different Episode groups on Instagram. It may seem like it doesn’t help, but that is indeed a way of promotion. You can never go wrong with promoting your story on here as well!! You can promote it as many times as you want on here by filling out R4R threads, promotion threads and other threads that will help in promoting your story. Networking with other authors is a good way to promote your story and get your story known as well.