How can you say what the readers name they chose in the dialog?

So i want to say ‘Hi i’m’ and what ever the name they chose was, but i dont know how to code it ! I would really appreciate some help thanks x also, I want my character to be seen on the screen when i have people choosing there outfit x

label char1_name
input What's your first name|What's your first name?|Done(NAME)

if(NAME is "") {
   You need a name!
goto char1_name

Don’t forget to change “NAME” with your character name.


   Hello [NAME].
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I dont know what the name is

The name will be whatever the reader chooses the name to be.

But i dont know what they chose it to be

That’s the whole point, in the script it will only say [NAME], but in the story it will be whatever the reader chooses it to be.

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OH SO i say ’ Hey I’m [NAME]

Yes, and when you preview it from your script it will just say [NAME], but when the readers read it, it will say whatever name they chose. Hope I helped! :grin:

Thank you so much ! ! !

All you could write is:
input What’s your first name|What’s your first name?|Done(NAME)
That’s all you need to write so the reader has an option to select the person’s name. Heck, you don’t even need the goto, else labels part of it lol.
So, after your reader names their character, that’s what NAME becomes. Let’s say they named their character Sally.
Here’s what you write:
[NAME] was a teenage girl.
Here’s what the reader sees and reads:
Sally was a teenage girl.
Hope this helped.
P.S you could also use other things instead of NAME, like YOU.
If you use NAME, for your character, you can have any script name that you want to use throughout your story (use the name you named them), but the display name, you can change that if you want…
Let’s say you created a character called YOU. And that’s what you wrote in the script:
An example:
Hey. My name is [NAME].
For the reader
Hey. My name is Sally.
However, if you change the display name to NAME, it goes like this.
Hey. My name is [NAME].
For the reader:
Hey. My name is Sally.

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Thanks. I’m new to writing stories and i had no idea how to use the readers name