How come episode doesn't screen thorough some story content


I have been using episode for while now while most of the stories like chain reaction and deep attraction etc manages to show different aspects with class,there are some stories who doesnt even bother to change the title differently.Also in this age some stories suggest that women are just dying for men and there is this on story “Forced Marriage” by esh I guess which I don’t know represents a wife very wrong way.Her husband beats her,kills their unborn child and still the show a sad backstory of the husband to portray somehow all his actions was justified?! and even his wife comes back with him ! And exactly there is no age control bar here so a lot of under age child can even be exposed to wrong ideology you know


yeeeeeee i came across this story ages ago and some pretty explict stuff was going on there, and there was a lot of abuse, crime and things younger kids shouldn’t really read or talk about


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