How come i can only access features, coming soon and settings?

How come I can only access features, coming soon and settings? And another thing I can’t search any other stories in this app. What if I want to make/write a story but I can’t seem to find my profile. I already have an account but it’s in my other phone but I already deleted it because my phone is too slow and don’t have anymore space in my phone, and also I already have a story but it’s not yet finished. I was hoping to finish it but just can’t. And another thing about the gems when I have to choose an answer I need to spend it but I don’t have that much gems, what if im a beginner and I only have 4 and I have to spend 20 gems so can be satisfied with my answer or dress or whatever the answer is the best. And passes why! I only have 2 passes and I need to wait for 4 hours?! This is my favorite app but I think it’s too much time killer I tried to make another account but it’s so hard to understand stand why is this update the worse than before.

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