How common is Love Interest Customization in the popular stories?

I haven’t read a lot of the most popular stories like the doberman etc. How common is LI character customization in those? I mean only community stories by the way, I know all the episode stories have love interest customization.

I can’t decide what to do. I have a LI who I really like the look for, but I also want to give people options because maybe that’s really important to them? So I thought about doing only a limited CC, but worried that will annoy people even more than not being able to choose at all.

Basically, he needs to have light-enough skin to have a genetically redhead sister.

It’s kind of imperative to the plot that she was born with red hair. So I thought about limiting the Love Interest skin to lighter skin-tones, but maybe that’ll upset people.

Another option is to just have the sister be white even if the Love Interest is black, so she can plausibly have genetic red hair. But she can’t be adopted, they need to be blood related and have the same mom and dad.

And yet ANOTHER option would be that she’s the same color as him, so hispanic or black if they choose that, and I just ignore the fact that genetic red hair is kinda weird on a black girl etc.

What do you guys think?


Ooh that’s tough. Only allowing light-skinned options for the LI will probably get you some backlash, and people like to customize, so if I were in your situation, I’d allow full customization of the LI, have one parent match the LI and the other parent and the sister have red hair/pale skin/etc. That way, both children can be assumed to be mixed race with one taking more after their mother and one taking more after their father.

Idk, it’s sort of a tricky situation, but I’m sure whatever you do will work fine!


If you wanna give the readers the option of CC give a note saying you highly recommend not the change certain features for it can make sense with the story. That way the reader knows that if the change some things they know it won’t make sense with the story.
But What I understand from some ppl
They don’t completely customize the character but just change certain features.

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Good Idea I’ll try that…

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