How did Deepest Desire get so popular?

I don’t mean this in a rude way at all. I was just wondering. It’s consistently one of the most popular stories on the app, and I was wondering how it got there.

It doesn’t have the best plot or pacing in my opinion, so how do you think it got up there? I’d love to know!

I actually read almost all of it. I’m really looking for people who’ll tell me what makes that story special and appealing to them! I would love to know more about what is desired on the app!


Well if you’ve read almost all of it, then it’s readers like yourself maybe that makes it popular. I’m not meaning that it a rude way, by the way. Just if you’ve read it, then maybe others have for the same reason you did.
Personally I have no idea as after the first few chapters, I realised it wasn’t for me so stopped.


That’s fair enough. I spent about 20 passes trying to figure out why it’s so popular, so I guess you’re right!


There are many stories in the top trending that don’t have the best plot or pacing (or grammar either for that matter lol although by memory, the grammar in this story is fine). :speak_no_evil:
I read Deepest Desire a while ago. I did read the whole thing even though it’s not something I’d typically read. It’s an “easy” read. The kind of story you can mindlessly click through and enjoy without having to think too much. The episodes aren’t that long (by memory) so it’s very easy to click and continue reading.
I think a lot of Episode’s “core” readers like this kind of plot- the poor girl who captures the attention of the handsome prince.


I read all the way through(cuz i like cc) it was a decent story to read and looking back was good for the time(when lookin for something to read) but nothing really stood out to me as “diffrent” but it was good for the time i probably wouldnt read it again(but definently reading other stories by her)

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Personally, I feel like the only part that interested me (the witch) was woefully underused. Why add in a storyline like that if you’re only going to use it as a plot device? :scream:


Honestly? I don’t know. I remember on the old forums I wrote up this long thing about why I disliked this story, but, I can’t really remember anything about it, or the story itself. It’s so very… forgettable, you know?

It’s a typical love-at-first-sight, rags-to-riches story, ending all neatly wrapped up in a nice big bow. The dialogue is fine, the direction is fine, everything is just… fine. But nothing ‘POPS’ out at you, you know?

DD has all the main key points of a sort of but not really clear medieval (sometimes fantasy) story on Episode. Well, at least, the ones with the prince and a peasant woman - not the other way around as it can sometimes be.

  1. A young peasant woman who wants something more.
  2. A young prince who’s betrothed to someone and wants to marry for love even though in monarchies, arranged marriages are quite commonplace.
  3. The woman that the prince is betrothed to, who’s jealous, and probably evil. She treats the common people like crap.
  4. A best friend who’s also a maid in the castle.
  5. Love at first sight.
  6. Some creepy old man tasked with marrying the young peasant woman so she’ll stay away from the prince.
  7. And of course, the ending, everything is wrapped up in a nice big bow. It’ll end with the wedding, the coronation, and a pregnancy (then which the story will skip to the birth, then a little more to show how happy the couple is with their little baby).

… Or you know, something along those lines.

Seriously, the quality of some of the medieval fantasy stories on this app disappoints me. I try to find a good story I can reference for outfit choices (in LL, that’s basically impossible, and most of the time, people don’t try to make things look medieval), or maybe, in terms of how others start… Inspiration. But all I come up with is boredom and disappointment.
The lack of good writing and plot honestly is what inspired me to write my own - and just reviewing the few first chapters of DD has made me want to keep writing right now.

… I don’t know. I don’t think it’s that great. It’s probably popular because it appeals to a mainstream audience, or something. I… really… don’t know.

rip n’ pip.


Haven’t read this one yet. Probably won’t either now I read these comments. But with some featured/popular stories I just get so irritated that I want to throw my phone right out the window and stomp on it while screaming hysterically or laughing maniacally (probably the latter if I really break down :thinking:). It’s so darn frustrating how real REAL good stories are struggling to get close to 1k reads, while there’s some typical, lousy garbage (sorry, but some really are that bad, even for easy-read teen stories. You could torture me with them and get all my deepest, darkest secrets out of me) getting over a million reads just like that. I hate to talk negatively about other people’s stories, but it really bothers me when I read good stories and hear they get to 1k after half a year, while in the meantime another typical drama of which there are literally thousands on Episode gets to a million within that same time span. Have teenagers lost all taste for adventure or a real good story these days, or what? One has to get bored reading the same plot over and over at some point, right? Why hate school if not for new stuff getting old very fast?


I almost forgot about her x3 yeah i thought she would play a bigger part in the story woulda been intresting to see


What I don’t understand is how stories like these get so immensely popular, and yet stories like World on a String don’t even have 100K views?? I kind of wish people would be more interested in different types of stories, rather than all these pregnancy stories with the literal exact same plot all getting millions of reads.


It’s ridiculous! The story has little true conflict, the best parts were just used as plot devices, they find ridiculously easy ways to get out of seemingly impossible problems and the love interest is very annoying!


I just read the first chapter again, and something really irrationally bothered me?

The prince invites MC back to the castle to get her checked out by the ‘castle doctor.’ Even though there isn’t one.
That’s creepy, but, not what I’m taking about.

WHY would there not be a castle doctor? It’s the king and queen living there for Christ’s sake! There should be a doctor there at all times!
And then later on in the story, there is a doctor! Delivering the baby and stuff! asdfghjkl;

this bothered me so much.

ALSO ALSO, the existence of Christianity and Christmas on an alternate planet. Makes zero sense.


The fact that her family owns what appears to be a 7-Eleven on an alternate planet, that has both modern technology and medieval rules, makes zero sense.


Right? There’s so many inconsistencies. They mention things like factories and tuxes and have modern-looking bakeries and such… and it’s still supposed to be medieval?
I was so confused when I first started reading. This is what I mean by ‘vaguely medieval,’ things seem sort of medieval, but then you throw in some damn tuxedos, biker jackets, and modern-looking backgrounds, and everything is just a mess again.


Often, I think that the work by smaller writers is much better than this.

I read Deepest Desire and felt ridiculously insatisfied, so I had to stop. It left me with a bad taste in my mouth because it had a bad plot and I’d spent passes on it!

I think to myself “my story isn’t that bad at least… why is getting views so painstaking for me, but so easy for that bad story?


Also, will it kill these writers to make their girls actually do something useful instead of being completely reactionary? I want to see women who actively participate in the plot, instead of letting everything happen to them and expecting all the men to save them.


Hi there. I’m the author of World on a String, and while I appreciate that you enjoy my story, I’m going to have to ask that you not use it to put down other people’s stories or imply that a story doesn’t deserve a higher amount of reads. Please don’t take what I’m saying as yelling or being upset because I’m not, it’s just that this sort of comparison really makes me uncomfortable. I’ve been saying this for years yet I still see it being done and perhaps it’s because I wasn’t loud or assertive enough about it but I’m going to change that today. Honestly, I don’t like it and it has never made me feel good to see it being wielded around to tear down other authors, nor would it make the author of this story feel good if she saw this comment. It belittles us both and takes away from both of our work, but most importantly, it takes away from Sarah’s work and success. People enjoy the story and that’s why it gets reads. It doesn’t make it less deserving just because you or anybody else personally doesn’t like it and I think that’s something all of us need to remember in the future. There’s a huge difference between saying “It wasn’t for me,” and implying that it doesn’t deserve to be successful or read as much by comparing it to other writing. Perhaps that’s not what you meant to do, but that is how it came across to me.

If you enjoy my story and think it should have more reads, then share it with friends and encourage others to read it instead. Good stories can stand on their own and don’t need to have other stories torn down in order to be lifted up. :slight_smile:

As for the rest of the people on this thread, please keep in mind that there’s always a possibility that an author can see what you’re saying about their story. Again, there’s a huge difference in saying you didn’t care for a story and tearing a story apart. This is a writer’s community and we should be encouraging one another in constructive ways. It’s one thing to shred apart something created or adapted by the Episode Team since they’re supposed to be written and adapted by professional writers and professional writers are aware that publishing comes with stuff like this. But when it comes to user stories or featured user stories (unless it’s mine, please feel free to bash the heck out of my featured story to your heart’s content), please remember that the authors are part of this community and that we don’t want to do anything to discourage people from writing.

I have not had a chance to read Deepest Desire yet, but I’m looking forward to checking it out when I have the time.

You all have a great day. :slight_smile:


Personally, I see no problem with this post at all. I would say the same thing to the author as I’ve said on here. Criticism of writing is important and helps authors grow. We shouldn’t be treating them like they’re too fragile or their work is untouchable.

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Constructive criticism is important and helps writers grow. There is nothing constructive about “it left a bad taste in my mouth because it had a bad plot.” That’s just being a jerk.

I’m done with this discussion. Do what y’all want. I’ve already given my opinion.


I have given a lot of feedback in this post, and it certainly did leave a bad taste in my mouth. The plot is badly paced, riddled with cliches and generally not very empowering for women. The most interesting parts of the story were merely plot devices. Regardless of how I say it and what your personal opinions are of what being a ‘jerk’ is, that is the truth and I am entitled to speak. No one is free from criticism on this app. It is for the sharing of stories. When you post your story online, it will ultimately be met with criticism. I disagree with you about what is constructive and what is not, clearly, and I don’t shield people from the truth. If I think your story has a bad plot, I will tell you.

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