How did you come across episode?


Idk ab u, but I joined for Demi :joy:


Ugh, admittedly, it was probably the crappy ads that sucked me in… Then I got a new phone and didn’t care… But then I saw PLL was on it so downloaded it again. ironically, I never finished PLL


i dont know i have had the app since we only had classic,


I have no idea😂 I woke up one day and boom it was just there!! haha just kidding


That’s was like the 3rd episode story I’ve read, I only made through the first one and halfway through “to die for”. Lol.


I found out about episode through a friend back when it was still classic it was the user stories that got me started but the classic characters used to look so weird. :joy:




I don’t know. Probably just random internet searching and BABOOM I stumbled upon it.


My little sister was trying to get me to read it, (back when they only had classic) She was like “this is the best app ever”, a year later I tried it


Oh wow, it’s such a long time ago. I think I stumbled upon it in the google store. It was fairly new I believe. Anyways, I decided to check it out and the first story I read will always be “Campus Crush” although I never did finish it :sweat_smile:


I came across it years ago through an ad :joy: I become obsessed with it lol, I remember it being all classic and the first stories I ever read was Campus Crush and Tangled Love


I saw very often ads about episode while playing other games and they intrigued me but I still didn’t install it until one day when I saw 2 of the girls in my class reading PLL. I stayed with them everyday for a week reading stories until I decided to install it too. The first story I read on my phone was The baby project but I only read half of it then I started reading other stories but after some months I finished it. Now here I am in love with this app. About 4 months later I’ll make a year since I started using the app.


I got drawn in with ads like this and was disappointed


I was on my way to home by bus when I noticed a girl playing on her phone in front of me. I always listen to music while travelling but this time my phone’s battery was dead and I was so bored that I may or may not have watched the girl’s screen for the whole time. I think this was the first time when I read an Episode story :sweat_smile: or something similar, I’m not entirely sure because I downloaded the app months later when I was bored man, seems like back then I was bored all the time and I was scrolling in AppStore to find something new.


I used to watch a YouTuber called SoffeeSims was who played the Sims. One day she started playing Mean Girls on episode and I thought the app was so interesting. Years later I still have it :woman_shrugging:t6:


my friend.


Bored in the Google Play


My sister dared me to read Juvie, and I guess I liked the characters and their movements so…I started playing :thinking:


An ad was tired of playing candy crush. App looked, interesting.


I saw various YouTubers (especially DJPlaysGames and Episode Daily) upload various Episode stories videos. I guess that got me interested :smiley: