How did you come up with your story?

How did you come up with your story? Where did you get the inspiration? For me, I had written a different story and the LI had a brother named Jonah and I thought it would be a good idea to later make a story about him. So I got some ideas for plots and got really excited, so I started and wrote 3 chapters, thus abandoning my other story. I was supposed to publish my 2nd story way after the first one, but I was so excited to write my 2nd story. Which now looking back at it… it kind of really sucked😂 even I get bored of it now that I read it. I’m thankful I didn’t publish it. I love this story so much more than the other.


For me, I got inspiration and ideas from other stories(not exactly copying the idea though) just mixing all the ideas in to make one big topic if that makes sense, anything else is just freestyle. I’m able to write without planning I just come up with ideas as I go along


For my first story (and the only one i published as of today)
Facts that I live with 5 boys and im obessed with cars…
I watched a lot of disney plus :laughing:

For this second one im working on…
idk… just poped into my mind :two_hearts:


What’s the name?

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so my ideas often comes while listening to music.

but my published story I actually got the idea from an add

this one to be spicific,

it started out about an idea, of a girl finding a magic objects. it has been many stuff while writhing, a wand, a magic crystal, even magic drugs. it ended up been a dragon.

other ideas where written, some removed other added, and some changed.

Thias the suppoused love interest was first an old man.

my mane charatere have gone from a teen , to a 30 year old adult with boring life, and is now a college student.

my story btw if anyone wonders

Title: Magicka: Ethereal
Genre: Fantasy
Description: walking back to college from work you find an unconscious man, while waiting for an ambulance a magic creature hides in your backpack, but other people are looking for that creature too. people who are not human but something more magical. but are you trusting the right people.

link :


Racing Hearts
and the one im working on rn To Hell And Back

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Marvel was my inspiration. :upside_down_face:

I actually don’t like Marvel movies and I wanted to create something better in terms of realism, so then my story was born.


I wish I could just come up with ideas, I have to plan it out or else i just get stuck

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Ok I’ll check it out when I’m done w r4r!

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That sounds really interesting!

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ty :two_hearts: :sparkles:

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I came up with my story Idea The Selkie and the Sea after a beach trip with my cousins.

My cousin had just learned how I wanted to be a writer, and she asked to be in one of my stories as a mermaid, which my brain changed into a selkie, because mermaids are a bit cliche now.

I ended up not naming the main character after my cousin, but she doesn’t need to know… :joy: :joy: :joy:


I’ve never read a mermaid type story :thinking: I think it would be super difficult for me to write a story about mermaids or selkie , was anything super different for you?


Um, since this is my first story, I wasn’t really confident in my directing ability, so the branching is a bit basic, and I really wanted them, in the water, to become seals, but that was not going to happen with my current skill set. Maybe later I will refine it and add some overlays of seals I can use, but for now, they’re just humans.

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Idk. I just woke up one morning and was like Hey, that would make a good story.


I literally come up with so many stories and never upload or finish any of them, but the main stories I’m attempting to work on right now are called Witchy Things (title is a WIP) and the Drakaina. Witchy Things was inspired by a dream I had about a girl with pink hair bossing me and my friends around for no reason, so I woke up and I was like “I should write a story about that.” It wound up turning into a story about twin witches who fight demons with their friends. The Drakaina is a story that takes place in the same universe as Witchy Things and it’s about 4 girls who can turn into dragons. I came up with that while I was researching mythical creatures I could use for Witchy Things.
but I probably won’t finish either of these stories cuz I procastinate so much ;-;


I’m also procrastinating rn😖

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I was inspired by Game of Thrones (not season 8 :woozy_face:) . I just really love the genre, subplots, character development/arcs, setting , etc.