How did you deal with fake friends?

Basically I have people that I’ve know for years that claim to be my friend that never even talk to me or even text me they didn’t even care when I was in the hospital they know I don’t have friends at the school that I go to and take my cries for help as a joke or make fun of me it does get exhausting not ever having anyone to talk to or having friends I don’t really know what to do but at this point I’m ready to cut everyone out of my life that’s fake if I have to.

How did you or do you deal with fake friends?


I’m so sorry about your friends honestly that all sounds so terrible but what I do with fake friends when I deal with them I end up ending the friendship when I catch them


Just stopped talking to them. They stabbed me in the back, they made assumptions about me, and they spread rumors about me. I never returned the evil they paid me with, yet I forgave them, silently. I did, however, write a lot of bad poetry about how I felt and how pizza is the bomb. Using your bad energy in positive activities is key. Eventually, I became friends with some of them again after a bunch of apologizing and remediation but nothing was the same. I was more anxious around them and more self-conscious in general. I was lonely, misjudged, and sad, but don’t let any of that get to you. The point is, don’t leave your fake friends hanging, cut them.

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Just cut ties to them. I don’t have the energy or time for “fake” friends. I barely have energy and time for real friends.

I really can’t even call them friends anymore but it was just like with some of them after I found out none of them even checked on me while I was in the hospital I stopped even talking to them. People I had know since like second grade really did that to me but I really need to work on not forgiving people so easily and ending the relationship.

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You can’t get on call no body FAKE no body did know you was sick. But sorry no body did no know

Distance from them. Abruptly cutting off may cause drama, but if you slowly distance, it’s more natural and it doesn’t ruin anything between you so there are no problems if you have to interact in the future, etc.

Never had fake friends, just bad friends
If that make sense

True but maybe you’ll need to talk things through with them and see what’s up. But be careful being too forgiving (if that makes sense :joy:) you don’t want people to just keep using in especially in your friendship

Do just that, if you don’t want it to end badly just gradually distance yourself away from them. If they are not going to make an effort to maintain that bond then you shouldn’t have to either. I’ve been in similar situations and I relate to how you’re feeling deeply.

Steer clear of that negative energy because if you entertain these types of people for too long, it won’t end well (they may end up emotionally hurting you even more). To answer your question this is also how I deal with fakes

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They aren’t my friends if they are fake. I stop talking to them real quick. I will show how much I’m sick of them being d*cks. I also don’t let them know how much crap they put me through. :joy:

Walk away from them. Permanently.

Those are definitely not your friends if they treat you that way, you need to cut them off immediately because that’s not healthy for you :heartpulse:

I had already cut off the people that didn’t even check on me in the hospital but I was having a hard time with the ones that never talk to me because I’ve known forver but you’re right.

Plus people come and go one day as you get older you’ll start meeting more people, and even more mature and stuff, for now I’d advice to keep stuff to yourself at least that’s what I do sometimes

:scissors::scissors::scissors::scissors: …fake friends where :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Anyone who is causing you this kind of distress does not deserve to be in your life. You deserve the best for yourself and that includes friends. In school, you should start talking to different groups of people. I know it can be hard, but having friends in your school is so important. I know you can do it!

I was a loner and an outsider during my years at school, bur I had a couple of fake friends. I simply told myself they weren’t worth my time, and finished school and made friends in college. My advice would be to surround yourself with good friends. Ignore the bad ones. Don’t cut everyone out of your life.

Sorry if my advice sucked

I don’t really have experience with fake friends. From my third to sixth year I had one best friend, but we grew up and stopped talking.
Then from my 11th year to like when I was 12,5 years old, I had other best friend. We were really, really close, but one day we just stopped talking. She left me for my first best friend because she was “cool and popular”.
Since then I was talking to people from my class, but I was very antisocial. My best friend was my phone. I only talked to my internet friends from my fandom. I usually was thinking about my ex best friend and always ended up crying. That lasted for 2 years.
On summer 2018, I realised that she was not worth it. I became more open and talkative. I learned how to love myself and life is going good now. :’)