How did you discover Episode/Episode Forums?

I discovered Episode a while back when I found my cousin playing it (in INK). I tried it out, thought it was cool, but then I kinda branched away from it after. I went back to it a couple of years (I know YEARS) later but got frustrated with the diamond condition. So I went to the game Choices. Ah got bored of that then when I heard my friends discussing funny Episode dance moves- I went back to it again lol. How I discovered forums was when I randomly searched up “episode interactive” then I clicked on writer’s portal in curiosity. I found out about how you code to make stories and then tried it out. Then I found out about Forums but clicking this:image
and here I am!


I can’t even remember tbh :joy: I found the forums when I first started writing stories for Episode but how I found the portal? Idk :sweat_smile:


I clicked that button too! I’m pretty sure I thought that you could find backgrounds/overlays there made by other members of the community, and poof, there I was. I’ve been pretty active here ever since :slightly_smiling_face:

I discovered it a month or two after I started coding, maybe three.

I found Episode because I was just looking for a fun app to play. No idea how I found the portal though :woman_shrugging:

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I found Episode back in like 2015 (Classic era) because of an ad, it looked super cool (I don’t remember what it even was though) so I installed the app and loved it! The community stories intrigued me, and I somehow found out they were stories from actual, regular people!
I thought this was way too good to be true. I mean, an app I can write stories on for free??? So then I (again, somehow) figured out how to get the writers portal and I published my first (Classic) story in 2016!!!

Classic will forever be my favorite style, I absolutely loved the story quality at that time, and how simplistic the directing was.

Now, as for the forums? Even though I CONSTANTLY searched “blah blah help episode interactive” in Google literally millions of times while trying to code my story, I never realized that the forums was actually…part to the community that I could join??? I don’t know, I just never really looked into it haha. Cue the Magicka contest in March of last year, I filled out the form and it asked for my “Forums username”.
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So I randomly filled out KylieJay because I’m an obvious risk taker, and then I immediately found the Forums and prayed that my username was actually open. (It was). And now I’ve been here ever since :joy:


I watched Stephanie Soo’s YouTube video (end of 2019?) where she read an episode original story, and like everything she does, she made it look so fun! Someone in the comments recommended checking out community stories too so I got hooked on a few author’s stories. 6 months later I found the forums when I started learning about coding. :grin::sparkling_heart:


It’s been 4 years (definitely doesn’t feel that long…) since I joined. And I can confidently say that I do not remember signing up one bit. I can guess I signed up while entering a writer’s contest, however, because forum usernames were required to enter. All I know is that I was never active here. I only recently started using the forums a lot, as soon as I realized this place was actually good for coding help/questions in general. Now I’m addicted to them and am left and right answering as many coding questions as I can instead of writing my own content :upside_down_face:


So when I had an error on my first story, I searched “how to blah blah” and boom.


I knew about Episode for years because of some weird advertisements in other apps back in 2015/2016 (I think), but I wasn’t really interested because I thought Episode only would have horrible romance stories.

Now fast forward to 2020… I got a video reccomended on YouTube and discovered you can write your own stories. Suddenly, I was really interested in the app. I downloaded it the same day and just started playing. Within a week, I also started writing my own story and quickly discovered this forum. :eyes:


My younger sister showed me at the end of 2017 (or something like that). We read a few original ink storys together. Then I also downloaded the app and figured out how to write your own storys. I don’t remember how I found the Forums but I found out about contests and took part in one. After the deadline I somehow forgot about Episode (or lost interest) and deleted the Episode App.

Only last december I somehow remembered Episode excisted and downloaded it again.