How did you find your way in Episode/episode stories the first time you downloaded it?

I started reading Episode in 2016 because the ad always popped out in facebook, so after a couple of months I just downloaded and tried it out (and fell in love with it)

When I downloaded it, the first story I read was “mean girls”, I didn’t even know user stories existed that’s why I was reading only featured stories until, a couple of months later (yes, I took time :rofl:)I decided to check out the box “user stories”. I started to scroll down in “romance” and “the girl is mine” caught my attention so I added it in my favorite (I thought user stories had gem choice too :joy::joy:) after finishing reading a featured story I started “the girl is mine” and when I saw it didn’t have gem choices I started to read only user stories :relieved: (The girl is mine was amazing, I never finished it tho)

How did you find Episode?
How did you find your way in Episode?
What was the first featured story and user story you read?
Did you stop reading featured stories when you found out about the user ones?

:smile: Just curious if I was the only dumb person that didn’t know how episode worked (I mean come on, I took months to find out user stories existed :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:)


Oooh, this seems like a fun idea!

I started reading Tangled love but I never finished it :joy::joy:

  1. I found episode back when there was only classic and I saw my sister using it and I wanted to be “cool” so I downloaded.
  2. I didn’t really know how to use it but I just clicked on some stories lol.
    3.I first read campus crush and I was hooked I thought it was the best thing since sliced bread.
    4.Yes because imo featured stories are cliche and its the same thing over and over so I kind of stopped reading them.
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1.I was around 12 and there was this girl on a website called momio who suggested this game thats when Is tarted playing and never stopped
2. I just pressed some things and they worked so yeah… as for writing I used youtube to help me and now I’m here on the forums
3. owww gosh uhm those demi ones! I was there when there was classic so when that new style was released that was the first every featured story I read
4. Yeah I always prefered user stories ! I think that it’s not only because they don’t have diamonds (it’s a big factor though at that time because I didn’t had any diamonds) but also because you’re more closer to the writer and the writer is more closer to you if you get what I mean?

Ads on youtube
My first story was love life and I loved it. Then afterwards i started reading user stories
Love life, feature story
The birds of passage, user story

I also love stories. Please share it.

I found Episode through “Campus Crush” because I was into stories with choices and I was trying to find one. So, I downloaded “Campus Crush” first. It definitely annoyed me that the chapters were so SHORT! Then when I finished reading it, it led me to Episode.

Again, Campus Crush was probably the first featured story I read. Now, I don’t remember the first user story I read because I read so many of them back in 2014 or 2015. I don’t remember what year exactly.

I read both. I would still give featured stories I chance, but lately I think I have been checking into more user stories because I check the “New User Story” section every once in while. Even though, some of them cheat me out of passes. Not gonna mention what stories did it.