How did you find your writing partner?

Did you already know the person when you decided to write a story together? Or did you get to know them because I am trying to find a writing partner who is serious and would like to be mine. I would love for you to have a Instagram to put the story out there.
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After wrecking your car, your mom sends you to your dad’s farm as a punishment. How different will life be when you no longer have what you love…money?⁣


Idk maybe earn each other’s trust a little, get to know the person better and see if she/ him is fluent in english and if you guys kinda share the same ideas you know

Hey! If you still need a partner, I would be happy to be yours! I have also struggled to find serious writing partners in the past, and the one I did find decided to quit halfway through the project.

If you do want to work together, you can DM me on instagram, my username is @maiarosewrites


Off topic, but is this published yet? I really want to read it!

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No not yet.

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