How did you get your first reads?

Hey guys and girls, I recently released my new story and I was wondering how did you guys get your first 1K reads?
Did you do r4r or you waited and they came along in time or something else?
Every advice is appreciated!


r4r. a lot of it


I can’t actually remember. I think I had about 4 stories ongoing in the early days of episode, so they just added up soon. I entered a contest and that story got immediate attention, not massive but it got to about 3K reads in a few months. I’ve now been writing for more than 5 years so I guess over time and updating has helped.


For my first story, I did a lot of read for reads. That got me roughly 100 reads in 2-3 weeks.

I actually didn’t hit 1k on that story until 4 months later when my second story took off.
My second story hit 1k in a week, but it was a contest entry. I got 1k through a few read for reads (mostly with other contest entrants) and I was fortunate enough to have a lot of people share my story on social media :slight_smile:
People tend to be very supportive of contest entries.

Anyway, that story won the contest and when I was on the shelf, my first story also saw a bump in reads and hit 1k.


I was lucky enough to get promoted by a popular author, and two popular episode readers on Instagram. Then I would do a lot of read for reads which help me gain about 200 reads.


So basicly all who did r4r did like 100-200 then the story got noticed?
I am on 200 and some reads but if I don’t do r4r my story tend to get forgotten and it makes me sad cause I think I have a pretty good pilot.

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Would you say that having multiple stories published at the same time helps?

I kind of think that the ‘problem’ is the story ganre. It’s mystery and from what I learned most people tend to read love and look for stories.

No. I honestly think it’s better to have one story but publish frequently. I think updating helps :slight_smile: . If you publish frequently and have regular readers, even if you only have like 5 readers, this will help your story to move up the ranks and get noticed.


Mystery is a good one actually because it’s easier to trend than romance or drama, but still somewhat popular.

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I update as fast as I can. As soon as I publish one chapter I am already working on another one so am going as fast as I can. The problem is it’s hard to get regular readers when you do r4r. People mostly just do it cause it helps boost their story views too but it’s hard they’ll stick around and continue reading.

Yes, I agree. R4r’s aren’t really the best way to get actual readers. Some might continue reading, but most just do the 3 episodes you agree on then move on.

Some told me Instagram could be helpful too, so I made it but I have no clue what to post there and how to attract readers…

It’s definitely helpful.
So, I already have a bit of a following (which obviously helps) because follow-for-follows are the same as read for reads. They’re useless. People follow you just to get the follow back, but don’t care about what you post.

I released my new story officially yesterday but I actually published it the day before. Before announcing the story, it gained 10 reads in 18 hours. After I announced it, I gained 10 reads in 20 minutes lol.

I would just start posting screenshots of your story because if people find your IG, scroll through it and see something that looks interesting, they might be tempted to go read it. Make sure you put the title of your story on the posts. Include the link in your IG bio (or get a link tree or something similar if you have multiple stories). Comment on posts (NOT about your story, but engage with others about their stories if you read them).

I am always worried about making spoilers so I never know what screenshots I should upload. How do you decide what to post?

I’m not sure, really. I just pick something that I think sounds good/interesting.
These are some of my most liked posts/sneak peeks:

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This is really helpful, thank you! :slight_smile:
When do you usually post sneak peeks?
Day before you post new chapter or?

How many R4R you did untill you got 1 k views?

Asked my mates to give it a read and some of them shared it but apart from that a whole lot of r4r (still haven’t made it to 1k yet but :woman_shrugging:)

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Since when are you doing R4R and how many reads do you currently have?