How did you increase your reads?


I am starting to think of ways to increase my read count for my story and it got me thinking hmm, I actually want to know how other authors have boosted their read count…

My story is called Crossed Paths and I have been promoting quite a lot (sorry if you have witnessed my trainwrecks of promos :joy::joy::joy::joy:). I have been extremely blessed to have had 147 reads (lowkey want 150 so it is a nice round number :joy::sweat_smile:).

The story summary is that the MC has lost trust in the idea of love because of the way she was treated in the past by a man who meant a lot to her. She feels like she needs to put her guard up but the love interest is determined to win her heart and help her heal.

Link to my story:

Well, I have been doing R4Rs, reviews, promoting. I have gained a nice support group too :heart::heart: (y’all know who you are) but I was curious how you authors boosted your read counts!

However, I am pretty happy with the amount of reads I have and the amazing readers I have gained as well as support.

I have received some great tips from reviewers and have taken what they said on board which helped a lot too.



Broken and betrayed by previous love, Mindy’s heart cannot be thawed until hottie Derek catches her eye…


I think the story description is already attractive! If you want to get more reads, you can try posting the name of your story in the “promote your story” section. I sure am going to read your story though!


Aw thanks and I have been posting on quite a few theads haha on promoting stories but maybe I could make my own thread as well?


Yes I think you can try that!


Thanks I will do that soon :heart:


Bumping a revamped thread :sunglasses::sunglasses:


Yo that is trippy - 20 days since I posted that originally :scream::scream:




Community friends and reviews are the best way to get reads, I think.
Friends who post screenshots and recommend your story with their followers are a great way to get new readers! They don’t have to be big authors with a lot of followers, even if they have 1 follower and that one person is interested in your story, it’ll be great.
I stopped asking for reviews when I hit 1k reads, but honestly, they’re great. The followers of the account that reviews your story will check for the score it got and will decide whether they’re interested in reading. You’ll also find ways to improve your story!
Reads for reads barely worked for me, people usually read only the first 2-3 episodes which really hurt my score. It’s a great way of finding underrated gems tho! Some of my favorite authors are ones that I did read for read with.
Also, make sure you keep publishing! Even if it takes you 3 months, it’s better than nothing. Your supporters will binge read the new episode(s) which will make your rank go up which will make new people find your story!


Brilliant thanks! My seventh episode is going to be published soon (if the BGs get approved :persevere::persevere: in time).

I found that community friends and reviews great ways for reads too - amazing suggestions and guidance.

Hopefully this will help some budding authors out there!


No problem at all! I hope it’ll help! I’ll make sure to check your story out soon :heart:


Awesome thanks, I will put a link up on the original post :blush:


OMG I am so checking your story out! I have heard so much praise from users here and the description is just plain gorgeous.


OMG THANK YOU!! :heart::heart::heart: You’ve heard about it??? Lmao I’m shocked


@Mehaslim2 sang her praises about it and she is a brilliant author as well, I will post about your story here haha


She is!! Love you Shiran @Mehaslim2
And thank you so much!! Do you have an ig account?


Ah unfortunately I do not but so far I think I am in love with your story!


I am in love with yours! Mindy kinda looks like the love interest in the new story I’m working on so I just love her already


Ah Isabella kinda looks like one of Mindy’s best friends so I love Izzy already!

Also thanks so much, I really appreciate it!

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