How Did You Learn Directing?


I find the directing help scripts on the Episode portal a little confusing so I started watching Joseph Evan’s directing tutorials. His tutorials visually demonstrate to you the process of directing in many ways so they were very helpful. However I was wondering…

How did you learn how to direct a story?


Joseph Evans and Ellyyt tutorials, along with some help from this forum :slight_smile:


Who’s Ellyyt if you don’t mind me asking?


Another youtuber.


The directing help scripts helped me learned the basics actually. :slight_smile: Then the forum helped me also.


I actually didn’t try using this forum for help but I will definitely will now. Thanks for that suggestion.


Here’s the link :slight_smile:


Oh I see, I’ll check them out as well :blush:


Thanks Dona, yeah I also only recently started learning the basics. It’s no easy task, guess I need more practise :joy:


Thanks Secretz


I made a story on mobile. Then I went to portal and copied spots, filters, such and such. Then I got help from forums


Unfortunately, I wasn’t aware of how to use the old forums, my only source was Joseph Evans. But I only covered basics with him. As I read more stories, I slowly figured out how to do stuff, so I recommend reading an author who is better at directing than you, you always learn new things.


Btw, always try to direct a scene in your head, I used to do it all the time :grin:


I always do that too, lol!


As many others I started with Jospeh Evans videos and it helped me with basics. Then just asking questions to my friend who already had a few stories. The rest I’ve learned myself by playing around with things. It took me a few months to learn.


I actually used the guides LOL. Anytime I couldn’t get something to work the way I wanted to, I’d go back to the guides, and look through each one until I found my problem. If I still couldn’t find it, I’d google search the error and it would come up with a thread on the forum of someone else who’d had the same error, but I didn’t have a forum account for 5 months after I published so I could never ask about an error, I just had to hope someone had had the same error as me before.


It’s kind of funny because I used to write on the Episode app, then create another similar story on the computer and copy the script of the mobile version to the other one, and change the animations and other things… And in the end I just learned how to do it myself, because I saw the script and remembered the commands, I also learned a lot from Joseph Evans tutorials


I watched videos and went to the writer portal and took a LOT of notes. Notes helped me- they might help you.


You made it on mobile? Well I’m trying to make it on my iPad but I might switch to the laptop cause that seems easier for some reason :joy:


“I tried breaking down each section and testing the coding-”

What do you mean by that?