How Did You Learn Directing?


“I tried breaking down each section and testing the coding-”

What do you mean by that?


Never tried that but now I will, I daydream 24 hrs a day anyway :joy:


Yeah I agree, Joseph Evans stories are really helpful for the basics for beginners. He also demonstrates while he is explaining which makes the tutorials way easier to understand.


Notes? Huh, I never actually thought of taking notes before you mentioned it so thanks for the suggestion Stargazer :blush:


I just had to hope someone had the same error a me before.

Did they? :joy:


Always, without fail! And I still use the same method today too. I’ve never had to make a post asking for help because there’s so many double ups of people asking for the same problems on these forums.


I’ll use something simple as an example. So let’s say I was trying to learn about spot directing, I would look for the section about it in the guides.

Then I would copy and paste the code at the bottom. I would change the numbers around and just try to learn what each one meant. That’s how I learned a bunch of stuff, just with playing around on the portal.


Thanks so much :grin: