How did you learn how to edit characters?


I really wanna start making character edits but I have no clue where to start from. I currently have ibis paint x and tried looking up tutorials but I still don’t understand. If possible, please list
1)any apps that you use to edit,
2how you learned to edit (what helped you)


I’ve only ever used Ibispaint x for editing. Tons of practicing. Also looking at edits on Instagram a lot of the people on there who edit make little tutorials about how to draw/shade bodies or eyes. Practice is the most important thing, I feel like I learned more with each edit. I also watched some videos on YouTube but Instagram is how I learned most of it


Do you know any accounts that do tutorials ? If so, do you mind letting me know? btw thanks for your response




I look at a bunch of different tutorials and then play around with the different styles and methods until I find one that works best for me. Here’s a few people I look to for tips, there’s more though if you search around. Then just practice practice practice.

@mira.epi @moonlight.epy @mere.creates @saphy.tutorials


thanks love :heart:


thanks for your response! do you have any youtube links ?


I’ve PM’d you :slight_smile:


thanks so much!


Hi there! Medibang Paint Pro or Krita is a free alternative to Photoshop. :smile:


Are those via the iPhone or desktop :slight_smile:


Ah apologies, they’re for desktop :blush:


I also learned joining an art group like Episode Studio or Episode Royalty really helps. I’m in Episode Studio and everyone helps me make stuff. It’s great.


How do u join an art group?


For me, I had connections. You can talk to a member of the group or the VP and president. Show them your examples and they will decide.

Amani- VP of Episode Studio


This is my first edit y’all :joy::joy::fist:t5:


Yasss! @brvnda! :heart_eyes: :blush:


thanks, i’m never editing again. I don’t have patience :joy::joy::orange_heart:




I also use Krita on my laptop and I’m learning to do digital art by watching different youtubers and learning from their techniques. I also like to go on Pinterest and look at different peoples styles. Practicing helps a lot, I’m not the best by any means, but I’ve come a long way :smile: By the way, that art you did is a really good start. Maybe try cleaning your lines up a bit and practice adding more and more detail. I get the whole patience thing, I get frustrated most of the time, too :joy: I guess is just takes some getting used too