How did you learn to code when you started?

How did you learn to code?
When I started I didn’t have Forums, but I used the guides and a lot of trial and error. I never knew what templates (minus @/Dara.Amarie’s) or video guides were. I was terrible. I didn’t even know about the spot directing thing for a while.

Anyways, how did you learn to code and how did your first story come out?


At first I was mostly looking at Dara’s site and example scrips in the writers portal.
That didn’t go too well, I also stopped trying after maybe 100 lines.

Now it’s trying, trying, trying, and… trying. I had no idea how to spot direct, but I picked it up quite quickly, I figured out how to do some things with Dara’s site -I still use it, it’s great- and several forums posts.

I now figured out how to use a point system, how to remember choices, how to use overlays, and a new thing I recently figured out is a tappable, pannable, and timed mini game.

Coding is pretty slow for me right now, but I think I’ve been able to figure out a lot for a starting coder/writer.
I’m currently hoping my first story is gonna turn out okay :sweat_smile:

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Well I learnt how to code from my friend in the community at first! The first thing I learnt was spot directing and once I got good at that I was really struggling with entering and exiting until I finally learnt how to do it! Speechbubbles I did on my own, overlays I learnt from both sal and joseph evans and all the rest I learnt from joseph evans videos!

Now how did my first story turn out:
In my opinion last year in october 1st when I first released my story “the vampires next door” with the 3 episodes I thought it was amazing, but now as I look at it, there is lots I have improved on since I released that book but it will always be the first book I ever released and no matter what I am happy for it cause it helped me become the motivated person I am now! And at that time I didnt have any script editors but I do now🤗

That’s my story

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Yeah, I remember thinking my first story was “oh, this is really good,” and reading it a week after I joined Forums and going :flushed: :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I really wish I knew what videos and tutorials were because ti would’ve saved me a lot of time. Even now, I’ve only watched the Joseph Evans phone message tutorial :joy:


You just listed my three worst enemies :unamused::rofl:


Honestly, it was Joseph’s YouTube tutorials and then a lot of trial and error as well as experimentation because I wanted to be advanced as I could as fast as I could. :skull:
This was back in the beginning of 2017 btw.


try re-reading your first story and you will for sure be like

“Yeah my story is kinda trash”
But this isn’t our faults we created them thinking they were great :joy:


I only looked at the tutorial which is why my first few episodes of all of my stories except for the most recent one stink. Like… BIG TIME


I learned mostly from Dara Amarie, I started out terrible but I started using Dara’s website, and I was wayyy better than I started out

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I first started coding back in 2015 when directing was extremely basic. I binge watched Joseph evans tutorials, had a lot of trial and error, and I think Google got sick of me asking “blah blah episode interactive help” almost every day because I didn’t know the Forums was even a thing :rofl:


When I started searching all that up, it completely clogged my Google search, so every time I type “e” it would pop up with a million Episode searches :joy:
I eventually cleared them because it was so annoying :rofl:

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One word: Youtube! :joy:


Years ago when INK was still popular, I was playing in episode with that story creator thing where you could create little basic stories. Obviously at first I though that’s how you make stories, but after a lot of thinking and some research I found videos of Joseph Evans YouTube tutorials and with a bit of experimenting my coding journey began. As you see I started with INK and slowly moved on to Limelight. And after some more time I came back to the forums. :joy:

Now I’m writing three stories, each with a different friend. :white_heart:


I mainly watched Joseph Evans tutorials. A few months later, I found the forums and I started using it to ask more questions.

I’m still working on my first story because I’m a perfectionist; I feel like I have to get everything absolutely perfect. Started coding around September/October 2020…


I learned how to code by reading @/Dara.Amarie’s guides! I tried to watch Joseph Evan’s YouTube videos but I’m kind of impatient and like to work at my own pace, so they didn’t work out for me. I prefer to read than to visually see it, so Dara’s guides really helped me.

Let’s just say my first story…was a mess :joy: I thought everything was perfect but the directing was sloppy and everywhere. I had characters shrinking sizes, jumping up everywhere and was overall just downright crazy :sweat_smile:

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Would anyone else love to see how @Dara.Amarie got started?

Oh my gosh I would love to hear about it!

Hahahaha same! Like it just knew where this was going solely by the first letter being “E” :joy::joy::joy::joy:

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I learnt the basics from Joseph Evan’s videos and then one day I came across Dara’s video on customization and from there I got to know about script templates and her tips were (are) so useful!! But I learnt a major portion by myself only (trial and error) but I’ll be forever grateful to Dara and Joseph for their tutorials. I’ve been coding for a month and still have a lot to learn.


I used Joseph evans with spot directing , and everything else, I literally just played around with it and clicked soooooo many buttons until I figured out what they did. I dead a** just clicked random buttons (which was kind of risky bc I did not know what they did, and for all I knew I could have wiped out all the coding I did so far. Lol, don’t do what I did :sob::sob::sob:)

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